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Porn. What do you enjoy?
PORN - What do you enjoy?I don't try and hide the fact that I love porn, and all types of[...]
DETAINED DICKS …a johnsonlovers.com compilation video
DETAINED DICKS...another johnsonlovers.com compilation video of hot packages from the WebHello johnsonlovers ....and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!Enjoy your day - wherever in[...]
I’m still here …more coming soon!
I'm still here ...more coming soon!Good morning, johnsonlovers!  I've been a busy boy and have been away working on other[...]
SWOLLEN SACSPart IVSACS THAT CAN PLEASE CRACKSWell here it is!  The latest installment of the Swollen Sacs compilation series is[...]
SWOLLEN SACS III – pretty pouches …another johnsonlovers.com compilation clip
SWOLLEN SACS III - pretty pouches...another johnsonlovers.com compilation clip.Here's the next installment in the "Swollen Sacs" compilation series.  I hope[...]
Are you interesting? If yes, then I want to film you!
If you're an interesting person, we're interested in you!  I want to film you!Winter is coming, fellas and I'm starting[...]
SWOLLEN SACS II …attack of the sacs – a johnsonlovers.com compilation series
"SWOLLEN SACS II ...attack of the sac"another johnsonlovers.com compilation clipHi guys!  Here's part 2 to the Swollen Sacs series.  More[...]
SWOLLEN SACS – a johnsonlovers.com compilation
SWOLLEN SACS - a johnsonlovers.com compilation seriesHere's another compilation clip.  SWOLLEN SACS is another series of hot man bulges from[...]
PRIZED PACKAGES – a complilation by johnsonlovers.com
PRIZED PACKAGES - a compilation by johnsonlovers.comHere's another compilation of some hot man bulges, dickprints, packages, and other goodies from[...]

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